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LVL: 2 (Medium)


Deck Overview: The Trade Coalition Deck is a control-based deck centered around Corinth Trade Ships. These Ships have high costs but make up for it with impressive Defensive stats. Play for the long game as you out value your opponent in card draw and command points. Lock down the board with your Trade Coalition Blockaders. Then end the game with the Man o' War Warstar.

Trade Ship

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Doctrine of Commerce

Main Deck Cards:

Corinth Trading Post (B) - 2
Corinth Trading Post (C) - 1
Merchants of the Coalition - 1
Self SaCrifiCe (C) - 2
The City World of Corinth - 1
Trade Coalition Blockader - 2
Trade Coalition Boarding Ship (C) - 1
Trade Coalition Boarding Ship (S) - 2
Trade Coalition Defender (B) - 2
Trade Coalition Defender (C) - 2
Trade Coalition Frigate (B) - 2
Trade Coalition Frigate (S) - 2
Trade Coalition Man o' War - 1
Trade Coalition Schooner (C) - 2
Trade Coalition Schooner (B) - 2
Trade Coalition Schooner (S) - 2
Trade Deal (B) - 1
Trade Deal (S) - 2

Deck List String:

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