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LVL: 3 (Hard)


Deck Overview: The Specter Church Deck is a slower paced, control deck. It aims to draw out the game using its Specter type unit's powerful "play" effects to gain the advantage. What the specter units lack in power, they make up for in tricks. Many cards can return your damaged units to your hand. Allowing you to replay them and use their "play" effects again and again.


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Doctrine of the Way of Peace

Main Deck Cards:

Church of the Specter - 1
Engage the Enemy (B) - 2
Price of War (B) - 2
Price of War (C) - 1
Priest of the Specter (B) - 2
Priest of the Specter (C) - 1
Raminite Specter Temple (B) - 2
Raminite Specter Temple (S) - 2
Ramus the War Born - 1
Specter Chapel - 2
Specter Tabernacle - 1
Specter of Ebb and Flow (B) - 2
Specter of Ebb and Flow (C) - 2
Specter of Ebb and Flow (S) - 1
Specter of Grief (B) - 2
Specter of Grief (C) - 2
Specter of Peace (B) - 2
Specter of Peace (S) - 2

Deck List String:

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