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Now Open!

Join our FREE weekly, online league where players can earn Play Points to spend on digital card sleeves, play mats, and physical foil promo cards!

Play points can be earned by competing in 1v1 matches every Saturday.  Playing in a match will earn you 3 play points.  Winning the match will earn you 5 play points instead.

We will be using Tabletop Simulator to host games.  Check out our deck editor for Tabletop Simulator. Want to join our free tournaments?  Join our discord!

Message us in discord if you need help building a deck, or learning the game.

Starter Decks Now Available!

Want to try out a starter deck?  We have 8 to choose from, 2 from each faction.  Need help?  Ask in our discord for help loading decks and free lessons on how to play!

Player Prizes

Corinth World Sleeves

Karnage World Sleeves

Psiker Grunge Sleeves

Corinth Grunge Mat

Psiker World Mat

Karnage World Mat

Mystic Colossus Promo Card

Wars Rage Dreadnought Promo Card

Psiker World Sleeves

Corinth Grunge Sleeves

Ramus Grunge Sleeve

Psiker Grunge Mat

Ramus World Mat

Trade Coalition Man o' War Promo Card

Psionic Colossus Promo Card

Wars Rage Battle Cruiser Promo Card

Ramus World Sleeves

Karnage Grunge Sleeves

Ramus Grunge Mat

Karnage Grunge Mat

Corinth World Mat

Pack Drop Ship Promo Card

Specter Tabernacle Promo Card

War Born Dreadnought Promo Card

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