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Warcaste: Dawn of War Tournament

Welcome to the first ever Warcaste Tournament

Cash prizes for first second and third place. ($50, $30, $20) Foil promo cards for all who enter.*

Here's what you need to know:
- The tournament has started.

 - Sideboards will be allowed for this tournament.  Each Sideboard can consist of up to 6 cards.  (You can only have 1 doctrine in your deck.  No doctrines in sideboard.)

 - Games will be a best of one.  Players will reveal their doctrine, then be given a chance to sideboard.

 - The tournament will be swiss.  Players get 2 points for each win and 1 point for each draw. 

- Each game will be given two hours to be completed.  At the end of two hours, it goes to sudden death.

- In sudden death, both players get 3 turns deal or place damage counters on their opponent's territories.  At the end of the three rounds, if both players still have territories, the player that dealt/placed the most damage wins.  (If its equal, it's a tie.)

 - Only cards from the Dawn of War set will be allowed for deck building.

 - Tournament games will be played in tabletop simulator.

 - If a player unable to make 3 time periods in a row that they marked as available, they will suffer a loss. 

 - Players will be expected to behave professionally.  None professional behavior will result in disqualification.

- There will be 3 rounds.  At the end, the player with the most points wins the tournament.  If there is ties lower down in the bracket, we will do a fourth round to break those ties. 

*There is a $5 shipping charge for those who are not members of the Patreon for the foil cards.

War Born Dreadnought copy.png

Tabletop Simulator Links

Test decks and play games of Warcaste on our Tabletop Simulator mod. 

Use our Tabletop Simulator deck builder or our online deck builder to build your own decks.

(For our online deck builder, save deck files to: ThisPC/MyGames/TabletopSimulator/Saves/SavedOjbects

on your PC. Decks can then be imported in tabletop under Saved Objects.)

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