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Chapter Two

The Rise of Karnage

The Karnage hailed from the planet Thorne, a volcanic wasteland rich in rare minerals used by the Imperium to create their warships. The newly born Karnage that settled Thorne were a genetic offshoot of the Lessers that had discovered the volcanic world. This practice of using already genetically altered humans to create new Lessers had become the norm within the outer Imperium.

The Thorne were a stout, rugged race that barely resembled humanity. Their rough skin was more akin to rock. They had glowing red eyes that were more suited for their dim, lava lit world. The far-off red dwarf star Thorne orbited gave little in the way of light.

The carrier ships that bore the hundreds of millions of Karnage to their new home were just landing when the Great Collapse occurred. Because of this, Thorne was spared from outside influence for hundreds of years, as few knew of their existence, and those that did thought Karnage long extinct.

This left the Karnage with few resources to work with. The carrier ships were dismantled and used to start their colonies leaving the Karnage no way to leave, trapped upon the desolate Thorne. For a few generations they tried to settle the untamable Thorne. But the lack of resources soon drove the Karnage to war amongst themselves. This war nearly wiped out the Karnage and left them bitter towards all life.

Eight hundred sixty-five years after the first carrier ships landed, a new group of outsiders began their assault on Thorne and the Karnage. They called themselves the Yorions. They brought with them spacefaring technology. They quickly failed to conquer Thorne and many of their ships were taken by the Karnage.

With this new hope of leaving Thorne, the warmongering Karnage used their new ships to invade the Yorions. Within a few years, the Yorions were wiped from the galaxy and the Karnage began their new war, to destroy all life in the galaxy.

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