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Chapter Three

Ramus the War Born

The Lessers of the planet Ramus were one of the few worlds in the far outer Imperium to be able to trace their genetic alters directly back to Earth. Because of this Ramus was one of the strongest, most well supplied worlds in the outer Imperium and directly ruled many of its neighboring systems.

Ramus had a dark past however. The original inhabitants of Ramus chose to fight the Imperium. A long and arduous war between the Raminites and the Imperium ended when Imperium forces were withdrawn from the planet. The Imperium then proceeded to carpet bomb Ramus with unchecked ferocity. All life on the planet was vaporized and half the planet was completely destroyed and rendered uninhabitable.

After, the Imperium claimed the world, and the Lessers of Ramus claimed their name as the War Born. Hundreds of years passed. The glory of the battle that had claimed Ramus for the Imperium began to sour in the minds of the War Born. A new sect was born. Calling themselves the Church of the Specter, they honor the Raminites who lost their lives in the bombing of Ramus.

Not all joined this new religion. Many of the War Born stuck with the old ways and Ramus became divided. Then the Great Collapse hit without warning and Ramus was thrust into war once again. They fought to keep control of their vassal systems. Years of war and turmoil later, a respite of peace has fallen upon the small empire of the Ramus.

With this peace, the Specters once again have gained footing within the War Born. But peace will not last. Already the furthest systems of the Ramus Empire have reported war ships on their borders and the War Born are once again called to fight.

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