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Chapter Ten

Fallen Honor

Ramus and Corinth had been at peace for a decade. That time would end if Jol could get his message to his superiors. He was the commander of a war born dreadnought stationed undercover deep within Corinth territory. While they were at peace, it was an uneasy truce. Now he knew why. So much for the honor of the Corinth he spat.

He had found out about Corinth's hand in the desecration of Ramus. He could not let them get away with this. The dreadnought silently flew through the warp as Jol pondered these thoughts. His heart heavy with the loss of so much Raminite life.

Alarms began blaring and Jol jumped to attention. As he looked he saw that something was pulling his ship out of the warp.

“All hands to battle stations!” his voice boomed over the intercoms. With a screech the ship jolted out of the warp, slashing into reality. A Corinth Man o’ War loomed into view. A barrage of fire followed like a wave, crashing into the Ramus dreadnought.

The dreadnought returned fire, but the Man o’ Wars shields shrugged even the biggest blasts. With his shields falling fast Jol had to think of something. Then suddenly he saw it. The salvation of his crew and ship. A slight haze along one of the Man o’ Wars sides indicated a fading shield.

At his command, the dreadnought concentrated fire at the corrupted shield on the Man o’ war quickly downing it, giving them just the right angle to take out the Man o’ Wars warp capture if they could get in position, allowing them to re-enter the warp.

“Our shields are holding at five percent sir!” One of Jol’s lackeys informed him. “Evasive maneuvers!” responded Jol, “and get us in position to barrage their warp capture.”

With a loud groan the dreadnought slowly slid into position as its shields began to flicker out. On Jol’s command, the dreadnought opened fire at the Man o’ War’s warp capture. The Man o’ War’s shields began to fail, and the warp capture went up in flames.

“Punch it!” Shouted Jol, and what was left of the Ramus dreadnought ripped its way out of reality and into the warp.

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