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Chapter Seven

The Loss of a Psiker

A lone Psiker Warstar silently glided through the warp. Its mission at the planet Ramus had gone well, it thought. Like most of the larger Psiker warships, it was a collaboration of organic and metal parts fused to create a single living Warstar, capable of telepathic thought with the rest of the Psiker war fleet.

Sensory alarms began going off within its mind as the Warstar approached the end of its journey within the Warp. The secret Warp Lanes it's kind had used to ambush Ramus were technically within Karnage territory. But with the Karnage not knowing of this valuable resource, they would have no reason to be in what was to them empty space.

It exited Warp into a battlefield. Screams echoed through its telepathic relay to one of its companion Warstars. The Warstar lay splintered open, its organic parts melting in the radiation of space. Somehow a Karnage warfleet had ambushed them. Large swaths of laser fire bore down on it, forcing the Warstar to quickly raise its shields.

It began to launch an offensive, but its calculating brain already knew it was too late. They were far out gunned. Another of its sisters went up in flames as a Wars Rage Dreadnought pierced the ship's shields with its large, world ending cannon.
It opened fire at one of the destroyers nearby, lashing out with its psychic powers. The destroyer went up in flames. As it turned to try to escape, a fierce volley of fire interrupted its attempt to Warp.

A swarm of Tri-wings descended upon the last of the Psiker Warstars. In a blaze of fire power, they lit the Warstar’s internal organs ablaze, its dying screams unheard by the Karnage Warfleet. The battle was over in a matter of minutes. The Karnage fleet decimated its foe and left their corpses to float through the empty void. A cold reminder to those who would seek to cross the Karnage Empire.

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