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Chapter Eleven

An Unlikely Alliance

The Leaders of Ramus had been alerted to the betrayal of the Corinth and their rage knew no bounds. A rage so fierce that they had readily made an agreement with the Karnage. Whether or not this was wise, was not up to Jol however. His orders stood.

His Warstar and accompanying fleet was joined by a large array of Karnage Dreadnoughts and Warstars. The Raminite Fleet’s goal was simple. Get the Karnage to the City World of Corinth. So far they had burned and pillaged their way across several heavily guarded warp lanes, and destroyed all that stood against them.

Now their ships were in warp to exit at the City World. Jol’s heart was heavy. He knew there would be no returning from this mission. The full force of the Corinth would be brought down upon his fleet and the Karnage.

With a retching screech the warp opened and his heart fell even further. The Corinth were ready for them. As his warstar exited, alarms began to blare. The Corinth defense opened fire, filling the heavens with a barrage of light and death.

“Forward shields to maximum,” Jol commanded, “get to the target!” His warstar’s shields flickered into effect, and its rear thrusters ignited, nearly knocking Jol off his feet from the sudden forward momentum.

Through the barrage of energy beams and projectiles, his crew and the rest of the fleet pushed onward. On both sides, ships began to go up in flames, and explosions rocked the hull of the warstar. “Shields at twenty nine percent and failing fast sir,” one of his underlings shouted.

They were getting close. “Drop the shields, reroute all power to the thrusters.” Jole commanded, his voice heavy with sorrow. “It has been an honor to serve with you. For RAMUS!”. His crewmates took up the cry, “For Ramus!” echoed throughout the ship as it lit on fire. Beams of deadly radiation crackled across the hull and punched thru. Jole closed his eyes as everything became engulfed in flame.

The Corinth in the city below watched in horror as large chunks of debris rained down on their city… penance for their crimes against Ramus.

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