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Chapter Eight

The Corruption Within

Jax watched as the Psiker Warstar exited warp, behind it a large cargo craft followed. The Corinth captain wriggled in its seat, the Corinthite version of a grin. All had gone to plan. Jax had gotten the secret warp lane route from a Raminite smuggler who had been unlucky enough to be caught by the Corinth.

With the information, Jax had contacted one of its informants within the Psiker Fleet. Together they came up with the plan to destroy a Psiker warstar who had become a threat to its informant. They would leak the secret warp lane to the Psiker Warstar, then when the Warstar used the information to strike Ramus, they would alert the Karnage, allowing them to decimate the Warstar and its fleet.

The plan had gone off perfectly. Now the Psiker informant was here to pay Jax. It watched from the Corinth station as the Psiker Warstar glided past, the cargo craft following close behind. The Psiker buzzed Jax’s communicator.

“The plan was a success. Here is your reward Corinthite.”

Then the channel went dead. Suddenly alarms began to blare, as the Warstar began to initiate warp. Jax ran for cover as the cargo craft exploded into a fiery death trap. Large chunks of debris flew past the station. One collided, striking the station, knocking it out of orbit.

The station began to plummet towards the planet below, streams of flame and smoke billowing out from its interior. Jax’s last thought was to curse the Psiker Warstar.

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